Laura Dekker World Sailing foundation

The foundation

Our goal is to familiarize youngsters with long distance sailing at sea.We will achieve this by purchasing Laura Dekkers sailingship the two-master Guppy and bring it back to Europe with the help of crowdfunding. Laura Dekker, the youngest solo circumnavigator ever. After a firm battle with Dutch authorities she left The Netherlans at the age of 14 to sail her Guppy solo round the world. Now she lives in New Zealand,and wants to change Guppy for a bigger ship and endeavour new expeditions.

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Buy vouchers, support youth discovering the oceans!

It's simple, we need money to feed our Laura Dekker Sailingproject. That's why we start our gift voucher campaign. We need 125 thousand euros (132 thousand USD) to educate talented and entrepreneurial youngster to the licence Yachtmaster Ocean, to buy Guppy and to finance her delivery from New Zealand to The Netherlands. We sell 100 euro vouchers (105 USD) and 500 euro vouchers (528 USD).

The 100-euro vouchers are auctioned to give a chance to five youngsters to sail a day on the Guppy. And the owner can visit the ship. When you buy a 500 euro voucher you become VIP member of the Laura Dekker Sailing Project. You are entitled to nominate a young person under 21 to cruise a day and live in what it has been during the circumnavigation aboard Lauras Guppy. VIPS are our special guests at all our events.

Buy your voucher now or make a donation to support our Laura Dekker Sailing project

Keeping the memory alive

The Laura Dekker World Sailing Foundation is established September 6, 2016 by a couple of sailing enthusiasts who want to keep alive the memory on the solo circumnavigation in 2010 - 2012 of this young 14 year old Dutch girl.

2016 - Foundation established

ZWOLLE-September 6, 2016 - Het Laura Dekker Zeilproject kan van start / A go for the Laura Dekker Sailing Foundation. Notary Jelger de Kroon from DuretTrip Notary Office (Zwolle, the Netherlands) supervises originator Henne Pauli signing the certificate.Also signing: boardmembers Carla Auer (see picture) and Peter de Lange (not on picture). Next step: developing the crowdfunding platform.

To learn youngsters love for sailing and respect for other peoples culture

The Laura Dekker Worls Sailing Foundation is established during the Amsterdam Boatshow in summer 2016.
The initiative for the establishment of the Foundation, with the approval of Laura herself - the youngest solo cicumnavigator of the world - has been executed by a couple of Dutch sailing enthusiasts. With the intention to start a project to familiarize youngsters with long distance sailing at sea.
The Foundation wants to purchase Laura Dekkers sailingship the two-master Guppy and is in search for sponsors to make this happen.

The sailinggirl

Laura Dekker, then living in Den Osse (Zealand, The Netherlands), has from August 18, 2010 from Portimão Portugal, when she had the age of 14, until Januari 21, 2012 at her arrival at Sint Maarten (now 16 years old) achieved a solo circumnavigation with her ship 'Guppy' as the youngest sailor ever. All over the world media described her as 'the sailinggirl' because she had to fight several times in court to get the permission of the Dutch authorities to perform het solo circumnavigation as young as she was then.
The Foundation wants to keep alive the memory on this achievement with a sailtraining project aimed at young people.
It is our aim to use her ship Guppy, a Jeanneau Gin Fizz, as a training ship to make young sailors aware of the protection of oceans as a source of life and as a bridge to other peoples.

With Lauras approval

This initiative is supported by Laura herself: "It would be super if Guppy could be dedicated for campaigns to empower youth sailing". Since her solo circumnavigation Laura Dekker lives in Whangarei, New Zealand.

Laura visits her Foundation


Laura and Henne

AMSTERDAM - 23 september - It was a wild day for Laura. Two presentations, a radio interview, and a visit to the Laura Dekker World Sailing Foundation where she met founder Henne Pauli. "For me this was an extraordinary happy day. To meet Laura and discuss our plans to raise funds for the puchase of her ship Guppy and to use Guppy as a sailtraining ship for youngsters. I felt privileged to hear Lauras plans for a next step to a bigger ship making long distancetrips with paying guests to Patagonia e.g. with the money received for her 'shipbuddy' Guppy.So raising money for the purchase of Guppy is helping Laura to make the next step in het sailingcareer", says Henne Pauli.